Foundational Piano Teachers

Foundational Piano lessons are a chance for beginner students to get acquainted with their instruments and learn in a fun environment that sets students to continue along with any instrument they choose. Generally they are delivered by a teacher who specializes different primary instrument therefore, intermediate and advanced players may not benefit quite as much from these lessons. 

Amir Alrishan

Amir (he/him) is a classical guitarist from Syria. He started practicing the guitar when he was 17 years old. He joined the high institute of music in Syria and finished 3 out of 5 years studying classical music before being granted refugee status in Canada. He learned how to perform on guitar and piano in the institute while also playing chamber music and singing in the chorus with The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra.  Amir participated in Yes Academy Lebanon for 2 years where he learn the gift of sharing music with others from the composer, classical guitarist, and storyteller Ms. ...