Viola Teachers

Want a chance to learn viola from a proficient and knowledgeable instructor in your own home?

YourPlace Music offers in-home viola lessons around Victoria and online viola lessons from anywhere you happen to be. We offer viola lessons to kids, teens, adults and everyone who's willing to learn. We can accommodate the urge to learn any genre from classical, pop, celtic and beyond. We also incorporate fun games into lessons to help kids use their competitive nature to develop muscle memory.

May Basbaum

May is a student at the University of Victoria with a passion for music, and has actively pursued various roles in Victoria’s music community; She has performed at both the Victoria Musical Garden Tour and the Victoria Performing Arts Festival. May has studied at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for ten years with Erin Fisher and recently completed her level 10 RCM certificate, Music History studies and Counterpoint. She highly values the skill and patience required to learn new instruments and is excited to share the gift of music. She looks forward to connecting with students of all ages...

Mela Cheung

Mela is an accomplished musician with a passion for working musically with learners of all different backgrounds. She started learning piano at the age of 4, then violin and choral work at the age of 8. Starting with an RCM background and moving onto pursue her bachelors of music and minor in psychology at UVic, Mela has acquired a vast amount of experience to aid in her teaching. Mela has worked with children for years, and her previous involvement has allowed her to develop a deep understanding in actively incorporating music into the lives of her students, in an engaging and fun way. She h...