Online Lessons

Our teachers are well versed in teaching online using a variety of platforms though Zoom seems to work best for studens and teachers. Online lessons are offered for all of our instruments including piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, voice and more. 


Are online lessons right for me? 

Benefits of online lessons 

  • Convenience: By far, the biggest benefit to online instrument lessons is that they are convenient. Getting in touch with a teacher is as easy as a click of a button.
  • Flexibility: Typically our teachers are restricted by geography, but online lessons allow for a teacher to go from one end of Victoria to the other in minutes. (Potentially one end of Canada to the other as well.) 
  • Geography: Taking online lessons means you can find the perfect music teacher for you, even if they live 1,000 miles away.
  • Safety: In these unprecedented times we’ve discovered that sometimes physical lessons are just not an option. Taking online lessons allows for momentum to continue without the need for close personal contact.  
  • Archives: One of the great things about Zoom is the ability to record lessons and revisit them. 

Drawbacks of online lessons 

  • Young children: Though some children are gifted with an incredible attention span we have found from experience that this is certainly not the case for all young ones. 
  • Physical guidance: Beginners who are just getting the hang of playing an instrument often have trouble handling their instrument effectively. While it’s usually easy for an instructor to manually correct these posture and technique issues in person, it’s much more challenging when they can’t physically demonstrate the change. 
  • Latency/internet issues: This affects some more than others, but unfortunately sometimes a slow internet connection means that communication can be interrupted.