Hawaiian Melody

A song for ukulele beginners to master strumming, left hand fingering and rhythm. Ukulele lessons, Victoria B.C.

This is a song I wrote for ukulele beginners. It sounds nice even when kids are a bit rough on it and it's quite simple despite having some new skills for beginners to master. Pay attention to the gaps in the line as those are rests. Picture the beach in Honolulu while you play! Enjoy! 


A --3-3----3-----2-2----2-----1-1----1-----0-0----0-------------------------
E --0-0----0-----0-0----0-----0-0----0-----0-0----0-------------------------
C --0-0----0-----0-0----0-----0-0----0-----0-0----0-------------------------
G --0-0----0-----0-0----0-----0-0----0-----0-0----0-------------------------