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Isaac Kwiatkowski


Jazz, R&B, Latin, Rock, Funk, Blues, Electric, Acoustic,
Isaac is a fiery musician with 10 years of professional performance experience who has been instrumental in the formation of several successful musical groups in London, ON, and Victoria, BC (where he lives currently). Isaac studied classical saxophone and piano at Western University along with the London Music Conservatory. He later branched out into a highly improvisatory and energetic jazz-funk style intended to entrance live audiences in popular music settings.

Isaac relies on his students' love for their instrument’s voice to keep them engaged. His intention is to tune his students' my ear to beauty and show them the power of precise technique. His search for varied and beautiful sounds has never ceased, and has led him through ten years of classical training, post-secondary music studies, countless musical groups (such as Blasé Blasé, Phigs, and TK the Artist), and along the path of many instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, piano, and drums.

"The underpinning of all musicality is a love for sound. When a student has found an artist, an album, or a single song which speaks to them, the need to recreate it provides a reason to master their instrument. Taking steps towards creating a sound which they love is exciting, empowering, and motivating for both student and teacher!"
- Isaac Kwiatkowski